Jaguar Land Rover is equipped with new technology

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The carmaker, owned by Tata-Motors Jaguar Land Rover, can significantly reduce (or even permanently remove) waiting times from traffic lights with a new technology called Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA).

Jaguar Land Rover is experimenting with GLOSA technology on the Jaguar F-Pace SUV, demonstrating how the Internet can be used to connect the car to traffic lights. This connectivity can be used to inform the driver of the optimal driving speed to catch the front traffic light on green, without stopping or accelerating.

Through the implementation of this system, it is aimed at eliminating traffic and eliminating traffic jams. In this way, emissions caused by braking or acceleration should also be reduced, while drivers will also be relieved of the stress of driving bar-on-bar.

For this system to be launched across the country, all traffic lights had to be smart and connected to the Internet. The GLOSA technology is currently being tested in the UK's West Midlands city of Coventry.