Ferari Monza: what makes this concept unique

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We need to make a small correction: the car-Moto-plane-UFO in the pictures is not the creation of Ferrari design studios, but the proposal of independent designer Iman Magsudi. Whose imagination, it seems, is even too rich. Currently, we already know that the company produces cars in the Monza line, but we are interested in the concept proposed by the designer.
Well, the car is red, has four wheels, wears the Ferrari badge, and according to the designer's estimates, it will be able to reach 200 km / h-not an impressive speed of the current Ferrari bolid. On the other hand, at this speed, the human brain is inferior in the reaction of a modern computer, so the machine will work in most cases under the control of the Central unit.
In theory, depending on the speed of the car (we still allow ourselves to call it that), the Central unit will also control aerodynamic elements such as the front fins. It takes a lot of imagination to separate yourself from what the Ferrari Monza originally meant it was a unique car for the sport. But now designers are making it the transport of the future.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/