Porsche in the style of the movie "Mad Max»

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The passion for SF cars and movies has moments when it can materialize like this: a Porsche set up to look like a car ready for the Apocalypse.

The car in the picture made a splash on the American YouTube channel Hoonigan Daily Transmission. The car was prepared and developed by Vali Predescu from Vali Motorsports.

The owner of this Porsche Boxster changed it and now has an ominous look that is very similar to the cars in the movie "Mad Max".
If there is nothing under the hood of the car, then the exterior design is worked out to the smallest detail. There was a bar installed in the front that seems ready to push anything that would be in front of it, there is a Hummingbird bird logo on the hood, the front Aileron was installed over the windshield, and at the back we still find some interesting changes.
Inside, we don't recognize anything we're used to seeing on a Porsche. Even the machine gun was placed next to the driver's seat. This is a truly unique model that you can enjoy right now. The car will still be finalized and most likely will participate in films.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/