Aston Martin Vulcan: 811 horsepower

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More than five years ago, when we first looked at the elite One-77, we said that something more beautiful we will never see from Aston Martin again-for the simple reason that we can't create shapes that evoke stronger emotions. Now, for the first time looking at the Volcano, you can radically change your opinion. The volcano is not here to calm your eyes, but to cause fear. And it works.
The car was released in a limited series of 24 copies.  Package contents: a 7.0-liter engine, 800 horsepower V12 that sends its power through a six-speed sequential box, all regulated by a limited-slip differential.
As you can see in the photos, everything inside is made of genuine leather and carbon fiber. The bizarre equation of super-sportsmanship is complemented by a set of Brembo ceramic brakes with a diameter of 380 mm on the front axle and 360 mm on the rear axle. The 19-inch wheels that will attempt to cover the huge wheels will be shod with Michelin tires with racing characteristics. The car was first presented in 2015 at the Geneva motor show and remains one of the most beautiful to this day.