New Tesla scandal

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A new scandal broke out at Tesla. US authorities are investigating a possible malfunction in more than 120 cars. More than 100 of them were involved in accidents after they suddenly accelerated, unintentionally that is, without the participation of drivers.

The road safety administration (NHTSA) is conducting checks after more than 127 people reported the same problem: their cars sped up sharply in traffic. The petition calls for the analysis of at least half a million vehicles, which could lead to a failure reported by customers.
A General complaint filed by several Tesla owners was filed on December 19 and was made public by NHTSA. The reported problem occurred in the case of some models in the Model 3 (units built in 2018), Model S (units built in 2012-2019), and Model X(units built in 2016-2019) lines.

The 110 cars that were affected by this fault were involved in accidents that injured 52 people. Most of the incidents occurred during Parking maneuvers or during exit maneuvers from the Parking lot.
A few years ago, the US authorities investigated a similar problem, but then they proved that the fault was actually drivers who knocked down the brake and acceleration pedals. They accidentally hit the throttle when in fact their intention was to brake. If the fault is confirmed, Tesla will be forced to recall all affected cars for correction.