Presto driving school reveals the secret of how to get the driver's licence within 1 summer

The author: alexpuskins

2021 started with a ban of driving lessons due to Covid; however, already for a few weeks it is again possible to learn the driving skills and book a lesson with an instructor. If one of your goals of 2021 was to gain the driver's licence - there is nothing standing in your way anymore to fulfill the dream! There are still 6 months left in this year, and that is double of the time that is needed to gain the driver's licence.

Presto driving school has taken on the leadership position for the last years among the driving schools - not only it is the biggest driving school in Latvia with the widest coverage of branches, but also shows some of the best results in CSDD (Road Traffic Safety Directorate) statistics. This is a section that prospective drivers should definitely get acquainted with - what percentage of the students of the chosen driving school pass the exam on the first attempt? This will be a very good criterion for deciding in which of the more than 200 Latvian driving schools to study at.

According to the results for the period from 01.11.2020 - 31.04.2021, 98% of Presto students pass the theoretical exam on the 1st attempt. Is it a simple success or is it a result of a well-thought-out training model? The data also confirm that in this driving school not only are the exams passed more often on the 1st try, but the driving license is obtained faster than elsewhere. In addition, Presto is convinced that it is best to get the licence in the style of sprint and not a marathon! Studies show that after 3 months of training, motivation decreases and the chances of getting the licence decrease. Therefore, the goal of acquiring the driver's licence within 1 summer will be not only ambitious, but also realistic - the motivation to learn will remain at the highest level.

Truly, the summer is already coming to an end. But it does not change the principle that 1 season is enough to go from a pedestrian to a driver. If you start training today, the driver's licence will be obtained by the end of October. And yet - is it really possible to get the driver's licence within 3 months? In the continuation we will tell you more about this in cooperation with Presto driving school that will reveal the secret of how to get the driver's licence as soon as possible.

What can be done even before the 1st theory class?

Sometimes the period of training is prolonged because the student is starting to deal with something that could have already been done even before the 1st theoretical class. This includes obtaining a medical certificate - it is a mandatory requirement of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate to receive the permit of study driving licence or white license. Presto offers the largest choice of medical commissions in Latvia - a medical certificate can be obtained through Presto in Riga, Daugavpils and Liepaja. It is possible to sign up for a visit and make a payment through the Presto website. In addition, it will be cheaper than in the outpatient clinic and there will be no need to stand in lines.

Once this certificate has been obtained, the next step is to go to the CSDD for the white licence. In order not to have to wait in queues there, it is better to call beforehand and book an appointment. The first time the document is withdrawn, it costs 6.16 EUR. It should be remembered that in the future the student must always take it to the lessons - the instructor may require the student to present the document at each driving lesson, as well as in the event of a police officer stopping the car.

In order to pass the theory exam, the student must also have completed the 1st aid courses. This will take 2 days. It is recommended to book lesson time in advance to arrange it even before the 1st theory class.

The sooner you start driving, the sooner you get the licence!

Presto driving school is inviting not to postpone the 1st driving lesson and use the right to start the practical training already after the 3rd theory class. In general, the country has set a standard for the minimum number of driving hours - in Presto, the students will have already taken this required amount in 10 days. However, it is usually necessary to take into account that more lessons will be needed - normally you can roughly count the needed amount of lessons by adding 10 to your age. So, if the student is 18 years old, it can be estimated that a total of 28 lessons will be needed. On average, students need 30-40 lessons to be able to go to the Road Traffic Safety Directorate to pass the exam, regardless of their age.

And these 30 classes can be attended in 1 month. Or - when the 11-lesson theory cycle ends, you can also pass the school practical exam at the same time!

The more you drive, the sooner there is victory!

Presto offers a unique study model - the opportunity to attend classes every day, also on the weekends and holidays. This means there will not be a single day when you do not sharpen the driving skills! That way, steering will become a routine activity - just like riding a bike! It will be intense, but it will be worth it if you want to get the driver's licence sooner! By learning topic by topic every day, all topics will be mastered faster!

If you want to get the driver's licence within 3 months, then Presto driving school recommends attending classes at least 3-4 times a week.

The strength is in diversity!

If we had to describe the driving process at Presto, then diversity would surely be one of the main keywords. In Presto, the student is free to change instructors and, consequently, car models! It is one of the most important components of the secret, which increases the chances of passing the exam on the first attempt. It should be taken into account that each instructor has a different personality and approach to the training process.

If in other driving schools the students are tied to 1 instructor by the contract, but later it turns out that there is no progress in the training process and it is not possible to get along with the instructor, then the student finds himself/herself in a rather inconvenient situation. Various formalities and explanations to change the instructor create additional difficulties and unnecessarily prolong the training process. Also, if the student feels that the instructor is prolonging the study time on purpose, going to another instructor is only advisable - it will allow the student to get a different point of view.

Besides, if you want to be sure that you will be able to go further than the parking lot of the CSDD on your exam day, it is especially important to learn to drive different car models as the technical aspect differs for each model. For example, it should be noted that BMW's reverse gear is very different from Audi's - if the hand has not got used to switching gears in different ways, the instructor may get an impression that the driver is showing unconvincing technical driving skills.

And also when it comes to figures, it should be noted that for each car model different aspects should be taken into account to complete the figure successfully. The CSDD car will be allotted by lottery - you will either have to drive an Audi A3, BMW or Volkswagen Golf 7. But if you try to park a BMW or Audi in the same way as you usually park a Golf in the "garage", an unpleasant surprise will be awaiting you - nothing will work! And that means the exam will be over!

5-star driving school!

Presto Dalder profile has been rated with 5 stars. This market platform has been operating in Latvia relatively recently, however, it is a reliable site for obtaining additional information about the driving school industry, for example, by reading reviews. Also, in the contacts section of Presto, there you can find information about several branches and get to know where the driving school operates, as well as easily get a contact number of the school. If you have a question to the driving school, offers an online chat function in addition - if one of the driving school representatives is online, a conversation can take place immediately! However, if the message is not immediately noticed, the driving school will be able to reply to it later - the recipient, who is a registered user, will receive an informative email about a new message in afterwards.

On website you can read hundreds of reviews from authorized users about the training experience. If it is difficult to choose an instructor for driving lessons, you can also read the reviews for each of the instructors individually.

The revealed secret recipe of Presto driving school indicates that all that is needed to obtain the driver's licence within 1 summer (3 months) is a timely completion of mandatory additional requirements (medical certificate, 1st aid course and getting the driver's permit for study period) + early start of driving lessons + daily driving + using the possibility to change the instructor and car. If you remember these 4 golden ingredients, the road to the driver's licence will be much smoother and it will be easier to see the goal already from the very beginning!

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