Good classifieds portal: what to know about

The author: alexpuskins

To choose the right car is an exciting and responsible process, and both the purchase of a new car and selling the old one is an equally great celebration! Among the largest portals for classifieds, offers the best functions in the market of cars, as it has significantly widened the opportunities of a classified portal. Here, both the buyer and seller of the car gain a number of benefits that not only increase the sense of security, but also ensure that there is a special space for feedback in the reviews section. There one can find out information about each user of the portal - both what kind of a buyer and seller the individual or company is.

Each registered user of gets a profile similar to one of the social networks - at the same time this profile serves both as buyers and sellers homepage, which can be visited by other users of the portal if necessary. This website is automatically linked to each classified/ad published by the specific user, which means that everything that the user has published is displayed in one section altogether. A client that has been satisfied with the purchase, is likely to turn back to the same website to the same seller next time in the future to find new classifieds; therefore, it is very useful that the profile can be easily found.

For the buyer, in turn, the system of sellers profile/website in helps avoiding fraudulent deals. Unfortunately, some stories about used cars that have been imported from abroad are quite notorious. Sometimes the used car is actually a sum of various crashed cars - welded in one country and repainted in another. For example, after the floods in Germany in 2013 many new cars entered the Latvian market with a tag “used cars from Germany in a good condition”. However, if the car has been under the water, unfortunately, it is not gonna be able to drive much further. And unfortunately, the buyer can never be sure about what had happened to the car before it came to Latvia.

Later in the article, we will tell you more about what to pay attention to when choosing a car, as well as about the options of

Build trust! enables establishing trust both among buyers and sellers. And it can be done best by building a good reputation and a base of satisfied business partners and clients.

Not only is it of interest to the buyer to get acquainted with reviews about the seller, but it is also a guarantee of certain security to the seller. In the user's profile of also links to social networks can be added - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. It allows one to verify the identity of the other party even before the first meeting. Creation of a profile helps to avoid anonymity.

It also means assuming more responsibility for one's product/ad in front of a larger audience. In case there are any unexpected problems with the car shortly after its purchase, one can share the story in the review section of the seller's profile. It will also help other users to avoid making a purchase to a seller that has received a number of reviews about fraudulent deals - for example in case imported cars are sold that break down after the first turn.

Portal allows the so-called transaction reviews which means that a comment and evaluation within the 5 star system is enabled only after the purchase has taken place. This way the creators of the portal have taken care of the safety of the users as this way negative comments cannot be posted just in any profile! Also, no review is anonymous because a comment can be left only by a registered user.

Research confirms that reviews have power - even just 1 single review is perceived by other users as encouraging enough to trust the specific seller more. It means that even 1 review can become a reason to significantly increase the base of the clients in the future. This feature will surely be appreciated especially by those that are in the car business.

In addition, it helps to build a good reputation as a seller or buyer not only in the field of cars, but in all of the sections of the classifieds portal. offers a chance to publish an ad/classified also in fields related to real estate, work and others.

Key of safety - car diagnostics

From the part of there are 3 main pillars of safety offered: no anonymity, each user has his/her own profile that equals a website and a wide base of reviews is available. It is three times more than other classifieds portals in Latvia can offer. However, when the buyer contacts the seller and sets out to take a look at the chosen car, further on the buyer has to take a personal responsibility about the purchase.

The main recommendation from the team of to make sure about the technical condition of the chosen car, is a mandatory car diagnostics before its purchase. On average, the prices of this service start from 25 EUR. However, investing in a professional car inspection is worth the price as it can save thousands of euros in the future. Unfortunately, sometimes cars with worn or replaced parts are purchased. And even though the test drive may have been successful, it is possible that only after a few hours of driving some technical problems emerge.

During car diagnostics the mechanic of the service not only performs a visual inspection but also connects the car to a computer system that displays and finds a specific “disease” in the form of codes. The diagnostics allows the buyers to determine how long the car will last, what potential problems may emerge in the nearest future and calculate in time how much it will cost.

It should be noted that the cost of repairs varies greatly depending on each car model. For some cars, replacing a damaged part may turn out even more expensive than buying a new car. To get to know those details before making a choice, the most reasonable of all decisions is to take the car for diagnostics. And if the car seller refuses to take the car for inspection, it tells the car buyer the same as the mechanic would say on this occasion - something is not right here.

Mileage - the golden indication

Mileage is something that tells a lot about the technical condition of the car. Unfortunately, there is a high chance that the odometer readings will be distorted as in Latvia the distortion rates of odometers reach even 80%. In case the car is in technically bad conditions and it has many defects, there is a little chance that the actual mileage of the car will be low. Car diagnostics will help to learn more about the actual mileage.

The average driving in Latvia drives 46,5 km in a day or 17 000 km in a year. The mileage is one of those indications that make up the price of the car. The less the mileage, the more valuable the car.

What about an electromobile?

According to the European Green Deal, until the year 2050 Europe aims to become the 1st climate neutral part of the world. It also means changes in the field of transportation. According to this plan, from the year 2035 the manufacturing of petrol-powered cars will become history. By the year 2050 the majority of the cars on the road will be precisely electromobiles or other green alternatives that do not emit CO2 while driving.

Not only is the choice of an electromobile more nature-friendly, but also economical. True, the initial cost of the purchase of the electromobile is more expensive, but it is cheaper to drive it in the long run as the costs of the charging are lower than the costs of petrol. Besides, the owners of the electromobiles are also given a number of other advantages: free parking in the biggest Latvian cities Riga and Liepaja, no vehicle operation tax, possibility to drive on the lance of public transport and thus evade traffic jams.

You can buy a new electric car starting from 33 000 EUR, but a used one - starting from 6000 EUR. If a used electromobile has been chosen, it is also recommended to take it to the service for a checkup. It is especially important to make sure about the condition of the battery. One should also find out what is the distance that can be driven after one full charge. It should be noted that this distance is longer for a new car than a used one that has been driven already for a number of years. has a gift…, as an innovative portal, supports the cars of the future, and classifieds of selling an electromobile can be also placed here. Besides, the current market demand for electromobiles exceeds the offer - also when it comes to used electromobiles. And if you want to come closer to the future of 2050 and switch to a more environmentally-friendly vehicle, sell the old car by placing an ad in for free and look for something even better! A wider range of buyers can be reached as the classifieds are translated in 3 languages: Latvian, Russian and English.

Each new user is given a gift of 50 EUR as a registration bonus that can be used later on to learn more about other functions of the portal - advanced marketing tools such as gifts and campaigns. It is a gift from to all car lovers, and encourages to join a rapidly-growing number of users and register on the portal - it only takes a few minutes. In the long run, it will ensure a future of free classifieds in Latvia. Free ads - this is one of the basic ideas of the portal, and the creators of promise that it is going to stay this way forever.

Good classifieds portal takes care of the safety of the users, and if you are looking for a car or you want to sell it, is surely the right place to choose!