Woman and car, are these concepts compatible?

The author: alexpuskins
Most of the women of the whole planet just dream not only to be the owner of the car, but also to have rights that allow them to start direct driving. But, in most cases, men, seeing a woman or a young girl behind the wheel, grin, considering this to be just another female whim. And how often you can hear from the strong half of our humanity that a woman and a car are not compatible concepts. But this is not so, because there is generally no justification for this. Of course, there are situations when a woman driving a car becomes the culprit of the accident, but this does not give grounds for depriving women of the right to drive.

If you are a novice driver, then having a car DVR on your car is simply necessary. Firstly, the DVR removes the current situation along the path of the car, thereby fixing all the dangerous situations that arise on the road. Secondly, the device has the ability to shoot at night, which will help in the event of an accident very quickly figure out who is right and who should be held accountable. Thirdly, thanks to GPS navigation, you will always be aware of the path followed, which will allow you to get to the right place twice as fast, while not looping through the numerous streets of the city. Fourth, if you are in a hurry for an important meeting and are afraid to get stuck in traffic, contact your DVR for help, which will show you reliable information.

Do not forget about such basic things that should be present in any car: a first-aid kit, a set of keys, spare tires and a breathalyzer. The presence of the first three devices does not raise questions, but why do you need to have your own breathalyzer? In order not to drive even with a small alcohol content in the blood. Everyone knows that according to the latest innovations, if even one hundredth of a thousand ppm is found in the blood, then the corresponding sanctions are applied to the driver, up to deprivation of rights. Therefore, it is simply necessary to buy a personal breathalyzer if you value your own reputation and honestly earned finances.
Be extremely careful while driving, do not break traffic rules, learn to park, and then the myth that a woman driving a car is like a monkey with a grenade will disappear by itself, and men will perceive the fair sex as worthy road users.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/